Engineering Capabilities

Our engineering department utilizes today's most powerful engineering software package on the market today. We are able effectively engineer our fixtures and displays to meet any and all manufacturing standards from the simplest of wire parts to the most complex of cast metal parts.

Engineering Software: (Solidworks 2012)

Utilizing this software allows us to seamlessly integrate our engineering and design efforts to ensure that your next display is manufactured in the most efficient cost effective manner possible. Solidworks is extremely good at developing anything from simple wire parts to complex mixed material displays with wood, plastic, glass and metal tubing. With the speed and efficiency of this software we are able to value engineer your displays and fixtures to meet your every need. And if you have a change request to a display many times it is a simple modification to the 3d model and we are off and running in no time at all. We have found in many cases that with our Renderings and the final specs produced through Solidworks we are able to cut development time down to days rather than weeks. Leaving our competition wondering what happened and our customers praising our process.

Design Capabilities:

We utilize some of the industry's top software packages to design and develop your next project in the most creative manner possible. From initial concept to final presentation we utilize the following software packages to make your next project a success.

Initial design sketches: (Autodesk Sketch book pro)

We utilize this software for its ability to allow us to quickly develop ideas to share with the client both online during design sessions or via email to ensure that we meet your design intent.

Concept development: (Rhino 3d with Vray for Rhino)

Rhino allows us to quickly turn ideas into reality. Utilizing this cutting edge software package gives us the ability to add real world paint finishes, graphics as well as product to give you as close of a representation of what the final display/fixture will look like as possible. Many times removing the need for physical prototypes. Rendered images from this software can be utilized for anything from initial presentations to internal and external staff, to sell sheets for your next big roll out. Along with final static images we can also develop full color animated walk through and fly by's giving you great flexibility in determining how your next fixture will fit into your next marketing plan.

Rhino allows us to move from concept to final production, with its state of the art file conversion process giving us the ability to transition from concept to final engineering with little to no loss of design intent. Giving us an edge over our competition by providing you with fast design develop in some case as little as days rather than weeks.

Presentation software: (Adobe CS 5 Photoshop/Illustrator/In Design)

Along with the above development software we utilize industry standard graphic design software to help aid in everything from final presentation layouts to print ready art development for any and all graphics.

Arch Import Group, LLC and Sharkskin Design, LLC have formed a mutual exclusive relationship in the area of Design and Manufacturing. Arch Import Group exclusively uses Sharkskin Design for all design renderings to include 3-D renderings. Sharkskin Design exclusively uses Arch Import Group, LLC to engineer and manufacture all of their custom POP/POS needs.

Sharkskin Design LLC is a P-O-P Design/Engineering firm owned and operated by Patrick Douglas, an experienced, talented store fixture and P-O-P design engineer who has been servicing the industry since 1995.

He has successfully Designed/Engineered visual compelling merchandising displays and store fixtures for some of the top brands and retailer in the country.

Our services range from P-O-P conceptual design to Professional Engineering We work directly with our clients worldwide to make sure that every aspect of the job is communicated and done right the first time. Patrick can be contacted via his web site,