Arch Import Group, LLC produces the majority of its products in China. Importing, allows us to save our customers on average, 35% to 50%, compared to domestically manufactured products. Arch Import Group’s fixtures are aggressively priced against other import companies. We also offer some of the fastest lead/delivery times from China, in the industry.

Arch utilizes two separate plants exclusively for every product. We have a great history with both of these plants, both in terms of quality and efficiency.




Both plants have the ability and resources to produce the following products:

  • Wire
  • Tube
  • Acrylics/Extrusion
  • Sheet Metal
  • Graphics
  • MDF
  • Corrugate
  • Real Wood

Using two separate plants gives Arch an aggressive advantage over other importers. Operating our business this way provides a great benefit both to Arch and our customers. The competition for our business, between our plants, enables us to demand a lower price, keeping our costs lower. This allows us to provide our customers with a final price that is reasonable, yet very competitive.

Using two separate plants also is beneficial in fulfilling substantial orders in a timely manner. There are times when using two plants to fulfill one large order can provide superior lead times. Substantially large purchase orders add strain on a plant, sending the plant into a situation of operating at full capacity leading to slower lead times and increased costs. We have a unique agreement with our plants. Both will cooperate with one another to split large orders when necessary to help us fulfill very large orders without sacrificing quality, and ensuring lead times and product cost will not suffer.

This cooperative relationship also provides us with flexibility to quote 3 week manufacturing periods, plus water and delivery time. This is really an anomaly during an active season in the industry.

Both plants have been inspected thoroughly by Arch, several of our customers, as well as our sales team. The standards used are exceedingly acceptable. Combined, there are over 300 employees in the plants and over 500,000 square feet of manufacturing space. The equipment and machinery is up to date. This is important in preventing lag in production/delivery, as the probability of equipment breakdown is limited.

To ensure consistent quality, we require our plants inspect 100% of all products for quality issues. To further regulate and reduce quality issues, we utilize a quality control company, to re-inspect all products. We also encourage all our customers to visit and tour our plants.

In conclusion, we believe that utilizing two separate plants exclusively will act to best position us in the import industry market place, giving us a huge advantage over our competitors, in terms of superior quality, quick lead times, and competitive pricing.